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"#1 Pick for finding a REAL Home Job!"
Over the years, we've been reviewed by the best review companies online.  They have consistently ranked us #1 for finding a home job.  Please take a look at what they have said about us and feel free to visit their web sites.  If you click on the link to visit their web site, it will open a new page. This is so you do not lose your place here. When you are ready to return to the previous page and continue to sign up for one of our services, click the button below or click here.

We are rated #1 by the following accredited web sites:
These site all rank us number one in the field of home job providers. 

PLEASE NOTE that the owners of these web sites wrote their reviews at different times since we have been in business and have not updated since. So if you see a difference in the number of jobs that they say we have available, that is the reason.
"Finding a real home job used to be next to impossible.  Search no further.  Our number one pick has the largest selection of home jobs that we have seen anywhere. 

They offer three different levels of membership, to suit everyone's budget.  They have set the standard for finding home jobs that pay you to complete tasks from your home.  With so many different types of jobs that they list, there is sure to be something for everyone.

With a full money back guarantee, great customer support, and an optional placement service, Home Job Group is a great resource for finding a home job, if starting a business is not for you."
"Home Job Group is our number one pick for home jobs.  If you want to work from home completing tasks, and get paid for it, this is the place for you.  This site has it all, it is the only source to find a home job that you will need!  They have over 1,500 listed jobs, and continuously add jobs weekly.  This site gets better and better.  They now offer home job placement assistance!

We have not heard of anyone asking for their money back with this site, but they do offer a full 8 week, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Finding a REAL home job used to be impossible, until now.  With Home Job Group, you can now follow your dreams, and have the opportunity to work from home!"
"Home Job Group is a pioneer in this particular type of service.  They offer you 3 different memberships, so that anyone can afford to join.

They have a great list of real home jobs that you can operate from your home. You can do these jobs part time or full time.  They also provide job opportunities for people in many different countries.

This is our number one pick.  If you are serious about a home job, they are the best."
"Similar to our survey selection, Classified Survey, Home Job Group is unrivaled in their quality of listings.  They have the largest database of jobs that you can do from home.

These companies pay you for completing tasks.  You should never have to pay them a single red cent!

You will receive free placement assistance with your membership.  This is another feature that most of their competitors do not offer.

To potentially help with your placement, you will also receive a free Credit Repair eBook, and a free Resume Writing eBook with your membership.

Truly a one stop shop for finding a home job!"
"Looking for a real home job?  How about 787 home jobs to choose from!  Again, without question, this home job site is so superior to any other out there.  You get their entire updated library of REAL home jobs.  Anything from writing to proof reading to assembly!  They are all available there. 

They also have free placement assistance. You fill out a form and they will help you find the right job for you.  What else could anyone ask for from a home job website?

Our Results: Again, we had two staff members sign up.  After applying to a few of the jobs listed, they were offered a job! (They didn't take it of course, they already have one!)"
"Here is the best pick.  This site offers jobs you can find that you can complete simple tasks from home. Anyone can do these and they are always hiring and looking for good people.

This is by far the best home job site online today. If you just want a home job, check it out"
"Home Job Group is our number one pick for finding a task you can do from home, and getting paid for it.  Finding a company that provides a service like theirs, was very difficult to find.  That is precisely why their service is so valuable!

Inside their members area, they provide a large list of companies that want to hire you to complete tasks for them, from your home.  The companies they have in their database are not business opportunities.  They are just home jobs. 

They offer several different categories to choose between.  This allows everyone to find something they would enjoy doing. They also offer a placement service to help you if you choose.

It is the best of the best online, when looking for a real home job!"
"Home Job Group offers one of the most valuable services online.  Inside their members area they have over 1200 companies that are looking to hire the right person to complete tasks from home.  They then pay you for these tasks.  This is what a home job is.  You do work from your home, and the company pays you for your work.

This service has always been valuable.  It seems that with the global economy the way it is, that it is even more so.  They have several membership levels that you can choose from. They set it up like this, so everyone could afford to join.  They even have an optional placement service that helps you find a job!

Home Job Group is a great company and a great source for finding a real home job.  They have a great customer support team, and a full money back guarantee"