I got home and told the baby sitter that I would unfortunately not need her services for a while.  My children were only three and five years old at the time.  I was also a single mom too. 

I  spent weeks sending out resumes and going to interviews.  None of it was going anywhere.  I needed to find something and I needed to find it now!  I began looking online to see if there was any information about jobs in my area.  What I stumbled upon was a bunch of ads telling me how I could work from home and make a bunch of money.  That sounded great to me!  If I could stay home and make money, wow, what a great thing!

What I didn't know is that I was about to get sucked into the business opportunity vacuum.  I spent almost my last penny on these business opportunities.  I realized that I didn't want a business opportunity, I wanted a job.  I want to work, and then I want to get paid for my work.

I tried searching online again.  About twenty-four straight hours later, I found a company that was looking to hire someone to set appointments and do some clerical work from their home.  I will make the end of this story short.  I applied and was hired by this company and it saved my life... literally!

After I was able to breathe again, I looked back on my experience finding this home job and realized that it was all luck.  I was happy and working from my home all because I got lucky.

I began to think about all of the people that were in a similar situation as I was and not being so lucky.  It was not only hard to find an actual job, it was also hard to sort through all of the business opportunities too!   I knew that I was lucky and wanted to try to find a way to help other people find a real home job.

I spent the next year searching online for real home job companies that were looking to hire people to sit at home and work.  It took a long time but I was able to find about 100 initially.  I put the first Home Job Group web site together and it went really well.  I was able to start to hire a staff that could help my clients with their questions and concerns and even help in the placement of specific home jobs.

So that brings us to today.  Now, with a whole team here to help you and thousands of home jobs to offer you, I honestly feel I am offering people the best help they need to start working from their home!

While you are here, please educate yourself on why you should look for a real home job.  If you have any questions during your visit, please contact my support team at info@homejobgroup.com. 

Also, please understand that we do not always have openings available for all of the companies we use.  If you are able to join while you are here, that means we currently have openings.  Please take advantage of the opportunity when it is available!


Anne Wilson
CEO, Home Job Group
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"#1 Pick for finding a REAL Home Job!"
From the desk of Anne Wilson
Founder & CEO of Home Job Group

Welcome to my web site! 

I created Home Job Group in 2006 after realizing that it was impossible to find a legitimate home job.  You see, I was in a position that forced me to find a job too.  It was early in the fall of 2005. I worked for over ten years for an accounting company as an Executive Assistant. 

I went to work that day like any other.  I finished my work for the day and went in to ask my boss if he needed anything else before I left.  He told me to have a seat....

I knew it wasn't going to be good.....

I was right.  He was letting me go, after ten years of hard work.   I was torn up inside!  I needed that job.  I didn't have a bunch of money in my savings account, just enough for the months bills and food.